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The art of silence.

It is said that in quiet places, reason abounds.  MARCEL exudes reason as it hushes surrounding clatter.

MARCEL’s soft shape and sound deadening qualities result from a natural fiber core, a generous layer of padding, and a knit fabric covering.  

Carnegie Fabric’s Xorel Knit provides an excellent shade surface for hospital and other high traffic public areas, as well as residential use: it is inherently anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, stain resistant, and water repellent. 

Contrasting liners — painted, knit wrapped, or cork — add intrigue to MARCEL’s quiet presence.

The cushioned shade surrounds a fully enclosed LED light engine with a 3:1 ratio of downlight to uplight.

MM250: 25″ diameter x 8″ high shade

Shade is comprised of Carnegie Fabric’s Xorel Knit wrapped over a padded natural fiber core.

Shade liner may be specified in cork, Xorel Knit, or painted.

39W enclosed LED light source.
3 to 1 ratio of downlight to uplight.

Aircraft cable suspension, field cut to length. Clear cord.

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