Bunkhouse Bonneville

Work lights, two solutions

Alaska Air Bombers: the long and the short of it

Spill Resistant Bar Can

Task Light for Alaska Air Lounge


STURGIS is an element of shape, a most basic form. Tank rolled aluminum, two solid rivets each side to hold suspension and socket hardware. Simplicity itself…

Polished Bomber


Inspiration was drawn from Seattle’s history of aeronautical construction for BOMBER, a 36” diameter hand-shaped aluminum shade with paired aluminum solid rivet connections…


BONNEVILLE MANIFOLD offers a synthesis of elemental form. Sheet steel, aluminum or brass is hand formed to achieve faultless, mark-free, radiused corners…

Bonneville Moons


MOON’s surface is formed on an English Wheel, its lip is hand turned. A single brass rivet punctuates the convex dome…

STURGIS selected for Sawyer